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Awakening Catholic youth to the power, love, and mercy of God and the change He can make in their lives.

About Us

What does D-Y-M-O stand for?

Diocesan Youth Ministry Organization. The two syllable "die-moh" is a whole lot easier to say. (Nothing to do with labelling gadgets.)

What is DYMO Ministries?

We are dedicated to providing opportunities for Catholic youth that support and nourish their Catholic faith through continued development of loving relationships with God, themselves, and those they encounter. We are committed to professing the Roman Catholic faith, motivated to provide a positive faith experience for high school youth, and prepared to mentor and support high school youth through their challenges in life.

DYMO Ministries has been ministering to youth since 1972. It originated as the Diocesan Youth Ministry Office for the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1986, DYMO Ministries, Inc. was made a not-for-profit organization. Even though separate from the formal Diocesan ministries, we have enjoyed the continued support of the diocese, both bishops and staff, through their efforts to promote and assist us.

We now continue the same quality ministry to youth, with additional services to families and youth ministers of our diocese. As we move into our 40th year, we have served over 4,000 Catholic high school students. We look forward to continuing and growing in this ministry.

"DYMO is a place where someone can become ridiculously close to God. In my experience, I've never felt more loved or more beautiful inside and out then when I was at DYMO." —Theresa Valente, 2010 Camper

The DYMO Ministries Board

DYMO Ministries was incorporated to see that this ministry continues its good work. As a not-for-profit organization, we have a governing board that is held responsible for the proper running and support of the non-profit organization. The DYMO Ministries board is made up of people dedicated to maintaining this program and ensuring its future success.

The DYMO Camp Directors

The primary ministry for DYMO Ministries is a week long camp experience for high school students. DYMO Camp is held in June, usually just after most students leave school for the year. Three dedicated directors work together to form and guide the Camp experience each year. Each director is a committed person from the Catholic community who has experienced Camp as a camper or staff person before, and is motivated to making the experience an enjoyable one for the Camp staff and students alike.

The DYMO Camp Staff

One of the most rewarding ministries in the DYMO community is that of the DYMO Camp staff. Individuals from throughout the Diocese of Grand Rapids and surrounding communities come together, bring their many talents and provide an exciting week for the campers. These individuals are drawn from parish staffs and other volunteers from the parishes—youth ministers, catechists, priests and musicians. These 30 unique individuals offer their time and talent to share their love for their faith and those they serve.

The High School Students

Being Catholic in our world is difficult for students as they mature and struggle to discern God's will in their lives. DYMO Ministries offers a glimpse of the Kingdom to come and helps students to be open to the love of Christ in their lives. We work together to find meaning in our world today, and work at becoming better disciples and stewards.

A team of high school students, the Camp Planning Committee (CPC), helps prepare the thematic content of the Camp each year.

Our Volunteers

DYMO Ministries operates with volunteer workers throughout its ministry. Dedicated individuals who know and share their faith spend countless hours working on behalf of the youth they serve.

The Diocese of Grand Rapids

DYMO Ministries is not a ministry directly under the administration of the diocese, but as members of the Catholic community within the diocese we understand the importance of being held accountable to our leaders in faith. We follow the guidelines for protection of children and provide the diocese with the feedback they require in order to continue to support us. We are grateful for their support and generosity. » Visit the Diocese of Grand Rapids web site

---DYMO History---

1972 - Our first campers and staff attend the Methodist Camp Lake Louise, in Boyne Falls, Michigan.
1974 - The format of Methodist camp is adapted to include Catholic theology.
1977 - The Catholic and Methodist groups separate to allow for the celebration of Eucharist during camp; the location for the Catholic camp is moved to Camp Pinewood.
1985 - A group of former Camp directors unite to ensure DYMO Camp's future and give direction.
1986 - DYMO Camp, Inc. incorporated as "not for profit organization", 501(c)(3).
1994 - Endowment fund started with a donation from "Fund for the Faith".  

2002 - Name change to DYMO Ministries, Inc., with the addition of other opportunities to support parish youth ministry programs. Additional programs include helping parishes provide retreats for youth and sponsoring Youth Leader, a leadership conference.

The first Camp Committee was formed to move the responsibility of planning DYMO Camp from the Board of Directors to a volunteer committee selected by the Camp Directors


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